Nuriootpa High SchoolNuriootpa High School

Winery History

In 1992 Nuriootpa High School became the first school in Australia to legally operate a commercial winery. The name NURIHANNAM came from the name of the school’s cattle stud. Just one hogshead of wine was made in that year, since then over one hundred students each year have been involved in the winemaking process – growing the grapes, making the wine, bottling and designing the labels.

In 1998 we produced our first Ruby Port using school grown grapes, a tradition that has continued each year since. That year also saw the first premium Barossa Class Shiraz produced from grapes grown in Ebenezer. This is our flagship wine which has won numerous prestigious wine awards including silver medals in the Barossa Wine Show and a rating of 94/100 by international wine critic Robert Parker Jr.

Our 2003 Barossa Scholar Shiraz received a 93/100 in the Wine Spectator ratings as well as a Bronze medal at the Barossa Wine Show. Each year we produce four wines: Barossa Class Shiraz, Barossa Class Port, Barossa Scholar Shiraz and Barossa Scholar Chardonnay.

The wine program has featured on T.V. in Australia, the USA and Japan.



Gold Medal

Barossa Class Chardonnay 2009 & 2011 (Barossa Wine Show)
2013 Barossa Scholar Shiraz won WINE OF THE SHOW with a Gold Medal at the National Schools Wine Competition
Barossa Class Shiraz received a Five Star rating from Wine State Magazine, Silver Medals and rated 94/100 by international wine critic – Robert Parker Jnr

Silver Medal

Barossa Class Ruby 2006 ,2007,2008,2009, 2010 (Barossa Wine Show)
Barossa Scholar Chardonnay 2013 (National Schools Wine Competition)
Barossa Class 2004 Barossa Wine Show

High Bronze

Barossa Scholar Shiraz 2010 (Barossa Wine Show)

Bronze Medal

Barossa Class Shiraz 2004 ,2006,2008,2009, 2013 (Barossa Wine Show)