Nuriootpa High SchoolNuriootpa High School


Throughout the schools 75+ years there have been many principals. Some staying many years, some staying for only one or two. Here is a list of serving principals of Nuriootpa High School.

Name Years
Mr. E.L. Gooden


Mr. E.A.W. Haese


Mr. E.R. Johnson 1940-1943
Mr. B. George
Mr. S.L. Tregenza 1944-1951
Mr. T.R.J. Harper
Mr. A.O. McPherson 1952-1954
Mr. H.L. Noblett 1955-1956
Mr. I. Coward 1957-1958
Mr. P. White
Mr. V.A.H. Prider 1959-1963
Mr. R.V. Mueller
Mr. T.R.G. Harper 1964-1968
Mr. R.V. Mueller 1969-1973
Mr. J.D. Roberts 1974-1978
Mr. P. Leverenz
Mr. R.M. Hill 1979-1985
Mr. J.D. Roberts
Miss R.H. Law 1986-1991
Mr. B.George 1992-1995
Mr. P. White 1996-2005
Mr. F. Spiel
Mr. P.Leverenz 2006-2007
Mr. R.M. Hill
Mr. F. Spiel 2008
Mr. B. Knight
Miss. M. Beagly
Mr. I. Tooley
Mr. I. Tooley 2009-2013
Miss. R.H. Law
Mr. N. White 2014-2018
Ms. G. Walker 2018-Current
Mr. N. White
Ms. G. Walker