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Daymap Connect - How to setup the App

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NOTE: Please be aware that the Daymap Connect App is not a fully featured app, and you are not required to use it to access Daymap Connect. Some features of Daymap Connect will still require you to login to the web browser version. The apps main usefullness is to give you quick access to messages, as well as post notifications (if you allow them) when you receive a new Daymap message.

Step 1: On your iOS or Android device, open up the relevant application store (App Store for iOS, Google Play store for Android).

Step 2: In the application store search for 'Daymap' and then download the app (it is called 'Daymap Connect' on iOS, and just 'Daymap' on Android).

Step 3: Once installed, open the app on your device, it should open up to a setup/login screen.

Step 4: Select 'Parent/Guardian' as the account type.

Step 5: Enter '' as the Daymap URL exactly as shown.

Step 6: Click on 'Check URL'. If successful you should then notice that it appends '/daymapconnect/' onto the end of the Daymap URL.

Step 7: Enter the Username that you would have received when you registered for Daymap Connect. If you have not yet registered, please click here to follow the 'How do I register' guide.

Step 8: Enter the 'Password' that you created when you registered for Daymap Connect. If you are unsure of what your password is, please click here to follow the 'I forgot my password' guide.

Step 9: Click the 'Login' button. If successful it should open up to the 'Messages' screen.

NOTE: If you have any trouble logging in please double check that the URL is set exactly to '' and ensure that there isn't any additional entries on the end of the URL, e.g. '/daymapconnect//daymap/'.